Private Car over Tehachapi

February 5-6 and February 11-12

The word is out! Amtrak will detour train 14, The Coast Starlight, overTehachapi between February 5, 2017 and February 11 due to maintenance work on the Coast route. Only train 14 will detour - Southbound No. 11 will run on the regular route.

LA Rail will operate private cars on the detour trains as often as possible beginning with Sunday, February 5th. TIOGA PASS will carry the markers on the rear of train 14 from LA to Oakland, returning the next day on train 11 over the normal route. Experience the most famous train route in the West from the open platform of TIOGA PASS! Reserve your space now - this opportunity only occurs every few years. Round trip aboard private cars, full meal service, and complimentary full beverage service is included with your fare of $650.00.

The first four to reserve will sleep aboard TIOGA PASS; others will stay overnight in Oakland at the Waterfront Inn at Jack London Square. The room is included in your fare. If more that 15 passengers reserve for any trip, additional cars such as dome car Silver Splendor, lounge car Overland Trail, or lounge car Acoma will be added to the consist. Call Norm for details - don't miss this rare opportunity. 760 953 9620

Some fares and options:

Fare - (1 person) $650.00

Meals will be prepared aboard by our skilled chefs and served in the dining room on TIOGA PASS. All guests will be welcome to utilize the open platform and the lounge of TIOGA PASS. Of course, full beverage service and snacks will always be served on the cars.

Reserve your space now on this memorable trip. Call Norm 760-953-9620.

The open platform is yours to enjoy!

Enjoy the Tioga Pass Business Lounge
Experience dining on a private business car
Enjoy the California Coast on the return